FX Reel – 2017

My latest reel of FX work that I have completed over the years at Double Negative, Method Studios and MPC. Due to NDA’s, my showreel has to be password protected. If you would like the password, drop me a message at seanrowevfx [at] gmail.com  

Channel 4 Idents

A short break from film, I headed back to the UK for about a month to work on some Channel 4 idents. The bulk of my work was RBD and Particle Sims, helping Mr 4 cause an accidental path of destruction.

Power Rangers

Easily one of the most creative projects I’ve worked on so far. A car crash viewed from within the car, a “nightmare” sequence where Angel Grove is getting obliterated and this, a bio-luminescent force emanating from the Rangers when in water.


My last project at Double Negative was this beauty! Scattering a crazy amount of lightning bolts around New Orleans trying to take out an electric car.